29 December 2014

Graphic Organisers

Graphic organisers provide a visual method of organising and summarising information. They help the student to organise disjointed information in a structured way. They facilitate the generation and development of ideas, expedite the construction of knowledge and aid the learning process. They provide active involvement to engage the kinaesthetic learner.
They work best when used by small groups (pairs and triads).  They are particularly powerful when groups are structured so that
  (ieach member has a leadership role/function e.g. Recorder,      Researcher, Timekeeper, Clarifier, Turntaker (ensuring all group   members participate), Summariser, Reporter.
  (ii) resources are shared in the group i.e. one worksheet per group.
They provide a high quality teaching and learning methodology for the mixed ability classroom i.e. students with diverse abilities can work together where each student can make a real contribution to the overall learning of the group.
They accommodate the needs of students with differing learning styles and intelligences.
Graphic Organisers may be used at all  stages of the learning process.
Pre-teaching a topic
Introducing to a topic
Teaching a topic
Assessment for Learning
Scaffolding Learning
Independent Learning

Click on link to Examples of Graphic Organisers: source:PDST  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzoOi1a8UpiobXRwS0twUVRSaHM/view?usp=sharing

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