31 August 2015

Reflection on teaching Google Sites (ePortfolio) and Google Classroom to Teachers.

This morning I had the chance to teach google sites (1 hour) and google classroom(1 hour 15 mins)to my colleagues.  The google sites handout was used as a guided example as each teacher set up their own pages related to their subject area.  So by the end of the class everyone had a basic class site. Challenges encountered included getting used to switching between screens. eg the google site page is open and a new tab to search the internet for content, and then copy and paste it back.  Overall this class went well as we progressed through the handout and each person created their own site.
I casually asked a few people afterwards, will you use sites in your class?  While people liked it, they might use it depending on time available.  Others said they will create and share a site among teachers in  their department.  So the main thing is if and when people want to use it, I can help them.

Google sites (Class website)  handout for Teachers


Google sites (ePortfolio) handout for students


After a break, we worked through this google classroom handout.  I found this more challenging, I think the handout is too complicated in some areas. eg the student task.   It can be confusing initially distinguishing between what the teacher and student will see.  So I thing when introducing google classroom a simple announcement with specified resources (eg. find youtube video) from the internet uploaded and let the teacher make their own assignment to match the announcement.  We completed the handout but just feel it could have been better. In any case people know I will help them anytime if they want to use it.

Once again, casually asked a few people did they like it, most people were impressed with Google Classroom and the following are the key aspects they like.

Once you set the date and time for the assignment due date, then the student assignment whether completed or not will automatically be submitted.

Once the student assignment is submitted, then the student can view only and the teacher has editing access to the document.  If the assignment is submitted before the deadline date then the teacher can allow the student to improve and resubmit it, but not after the deadline date.  Think we like this as it takes the onus of the teacher to accept projects after that date.  It seems a fair system.

Once an announcement is created eg. presentation, youtube, etc this can be copied for another class.

Google Classroom handout for teachers:


Google Classroom student task:


23 August 2015

For any teacher thinking of using Google Classroom -

I have created this instructional handout for teachers of any subject, the general topic of internet safety is such that all teachers can relate to it.  The handout is designed for what I would describe as 'My generation' (generation x)  while I like watching a youtube clip to learn, I long for an explanation with screenshots so I can learn for myself.  So even if you don't use Google classroom it is worth looking at the instructional handout anyway.

Instructional handout:

Student task and marking scheme explained

7 August 2015

Reflection on CPD

Review of Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century (TL 21) (2014/2015) 
Duration 2 years. (TL21 can be used as part fulfillment of a Masters in Education)

I found the TL21 experience a challenge (regarding commitment) but so worthwhile, it involved a number of visits to Kilkenny Educational Centre, access to a  number of speakers, including Professor Jean McNiff who furnished us with information regarding action research.  Our theme was assessment for learning (AFLs) and each of the six schools chose different AFLs and tested them in their classrooms.  I loved the idea of learning from other schools and collaborating, we presented our findings and gave honest accounts of what worked well.  I believe that if links between the schools could be sustained for future collaboration/sharing this would be beneficial, I have maintained contact/sharing with one teacher from another school, but I am not sure if sustainable links have been established between schools overall.
Our school worked on evaluating the use of ePortfolios in the English classroom to improve students spelling, grammar and punctuation.  My role was to team teach with the English teacher with the aim of integrating ICT, this is our presentation....          http://bit.ly/1EyJc8w

TL 21   2014/2015.....Notes...

Review of Future Classroom Scenarios  (2014)
#FCScourse (MOOC) Future Classroom Scenarios -  European Schoolnet Duration 6 weeks (2hrs pw)

This online course gave an insight into the use of ICT to engage and stimulate interest among students by changing teaching pedagogy.  It comprised of examining classroom layout, creating learning stories, rubrics, flipped classroom and how to foster independent learning.  I had to create a learning story and test it out, with time constraints it was a challenge but achievable. Looking at the learning story now(a year later) there are things I would change/improve. The hyperlinked learning story is below. Twitter was used as a means of collaboration. Part of the course involved assessing two other teacher's learning stories under given criteria.

My Learning Story:

This is Juan Carlos Villatoro's learning story - English and Physics.  I have his permission to share this.


Reflection on Business CPD day 2

I created this draft last March but never posted it,  I am posting it now as a means of revision. Additionally, I attended an NCCA inservi...