31 August 2015

Reflection on teaching Google Sites (ePortfolio) and Google Classroom to Teachers.

This morning I had the chance to teach google sites (1 hour) and google classroom(1 hour 15 mins)to my colleagues.  The google sites handout was used as a guided example as each teacher set up their own pages related to their subject area.  So by the end of the class everyone had a basic class site. Challenges encountered included getting used to switching between screens. eg the google site page is open and a new tab to search the internet for content, and then copy and paste it back.  Overall this class went well as we progressed through the handout and each person created their own site.
I casually asked a few people afterwards, will you use sites in your class?  While people liked it, they might use it depending on time available.  Others said they will create and share a site among teachers in  their department.  So the main thing is if and when people want to use it, I can help them.

Google sites (Class website)  handout for Teachers


Google sites (ePortfolio) handout for students


After a break, we worked through this google classroom handout.  I found this more challenging, I think the handout is too complicated in some areas. eg the student task.   It can be confusing initially distinguishing between what the teacher and student will see.  So I thing when introducing google classroom a simple announcement with specified resources (eg. find youtube video) from the internet uploaded and let the teacher make their own assignment to match the announcement.  We completed the handout but just feel it could have been better. In any case people know I will help them anytime if they want to use it.

Once again, casually asked a few people did they like it, most people were impressed with Google Classroom and the following are the key aspects they like.

Once you set the date and time for the assignment due date, then the student assignment whether completed or not will automatically be submitted.

Once the student assignment is submitted, then the student can view only and the teacher has editing access to the document.  If the assignment is submitted before the deadline date then the teacher can allow the student to improve and resubmit it, but not after the deadline date.  Think we like this as it takes the onus of the teacher to accept projects after that date.  It seems a fair system.

Once an announcement is created eg. presentation, youtube, etc this can be copied for another class.

Google Classroom handout for teachers:


Google Classroom student task:


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