23 September 2015

Using the PDST ePortfolio template(via google sites) to help integrate ICT

The link below shows our objectives regarding how we will integrate ICT in the English classroom for 1st and 2nd year students.  We team teach for one of the English classes so our foremost aim is to teach English and our secondary aim is to use ICT skills to enhance learning. We have access to a computer room.
Additionally, we have a study hub of 5 computers in an open access area(lunch area) and we hope students will work on those if they do not have ipads or internet access at home.  We want to be able to give homework and enable students to research outside of class.  So far the study hub is being under utilised, the hub was installed at the end of May so we need to train students to use it.  
This is the plan and we will evaluate it as the year progresses.  We decided to use the PDST ePortfolio template this year as they know more than me so hope to learn something from them!
To access the template

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