14 November 2016

My blog on creating student tasks for 1st year Business studies

I have been working with the NCCA to help with the development of annotated samples of student work for Junior Cycle Business Studies.   I work with another business teacher to plan and develop these samples.  To date we have 2 student tasks created.  It is a learning process for both students and teachers and involves training our students on new ways of assessing learning.

Our first task covered was created to assess learning of payslips and taxes paid by people.  The following are the success criteria for the task, but in hindsight, we were too ambitious. Students created a padlet first gathering relevant information and then created a screencast to explain the learning.  The used images from their copies etc to show learning on the padlet. But it was a lot of work for just on small student task, however students learned a lot of new skills in the process.

  1.        We can give different examples of how pay is calculated
  2.        We can fill out payslips accurately
  3.        We can calculate percentages
  4.        We can calculate Gross Pay and Net Pay
  5.        We can explain what are voluntary and non-voluntary deductions that are taken from a payslip
  6.        We can categorise types of taxes
  7.        We can create a padlet
  8.       We can use screen-o-matic


This is our second student task based on family income and expenditure.  This task is more focused and targeted learning is assessed.  We did find that students were not sure about how to create a good poster and lack knowledge of cited correctly.  All of which we can work on.
Students will be successful in their learning if they can:

1. Present your project in a poster form which can be

hand written, typed or a combination of both following

our guidelines for effective presentations, ensure font is readable.

2. Describe sources of household Income, using at least 2 examples.

3. Describe sources of household expenditure,

4. Illustrate a way to manage income and expenditure, using at least one example from each category.

5. Give advice on what to consider when preparing a budget, at least 2 pieces of information.

6. Include at least 2 appropriate images/visuals in your project.

7. State where they sourced their information

8. Present your poster to a peer for peer assessment based on 2 stars and 1 wish.


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