25 September 2017

Reflection on Business CPD day 2

I created this draft last March but never posted it,  I am posting it now as a means of revision. Additionally, I attended an NCCA inservice today and will include a few slides with key information to guide my teaching this year.

It is advisable to have decided whether the CBA will be based on Enterprise/Economics/Finance as the specification and Units of learning covered in first year should be providing the students with the foundations to prepare students for the CBA
Classroom Based Assessment: CBA1

Business in Action: Group (of 6) project based on one of the following:

  • Enterprise in Action, 
  • Economics in action, 
  • Finance in action.
CBA 1 Key Dates-Group (of 6) project
Monday 12th March to Friday 20th April 2018: Students spend 4 weeks doing CBA 

Friday 27th April 2018:  Lastest date for award of Descriptors by the teacher.

Friday 4th March 2018:  Lastest date for SLAR. Subject Learning and Assessment Meeting.

CBA2 - Presentation, Individual project, 3 weeks, aligned with learning outcomes. Up to 3 minutes per student.

CBA 2 Key dates:
Monday 12th November to Friday 7th December 2018.  3 weeks.
Friday 14th December 2018.   Latest date for completion of Assessment Task(AT).  
Monday 17th December 2018. Lastest date for award of Descriptors by the teacher.
Friday 21st December 2018.  Latest date for SLAR.  

The Assessment Task (AT) is a written task completed by students during class time.  It is sent to SEC for marking and is specified by the NCCA and is related to the learning outcomes on which the second CBA is based.


We have some Units of learning created as a department (@ElaineMolumby & @miriambergin) and it is time-consuming. While planning which learning outcomes to cover and the manner in which formative assessment and active learning will take place.  We have a ten week taster for students in first year.

Units of Learning: prepared as a department: On reflection there are changes we would make...

Consumer Unit of Learning:    http://bit.ly/2mAikUo

Marketing Unit of Learning:   http://bit.ly/2mAgxyY

Budgeting Unit of Learning:  http://bit.ly/

Wages Unit of Learning:        http://bit.ly/2nltUl6

Useful links

Examples of student work via NCCA

Assessment guidelines

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