22 February 2015

Flipped Classroom

I want to try to use the Flipped Classroom approach to help with differentiation, so far I have made a few videos, none are perfect!  But its a start and I can only get better!

My latest addition, business LC, Break Even Analysis....

I created a google presentation and  added my audio by using http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ , its very user friendly.
But, in this example, I think it may be better for some students if  I  write out the calculations.   I could write it and record it  in educreations but that's not free and as of yet I am not sure of  an alternative.

This is a Cash Book from the 2013 pass paper, I will try this during the week and see will it help students as we have only started this topic. I think I could use spreadsheets to teach most of the accounts but I should have spoken louder..

This is an budget from the 2014 honours paper, not sure if its too much information together but will test it out.

This is a budget from the 2013 Ordinary level paper, I think this is clear as less information given.

To show students how to research a topic online using padlet...

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