23 March 2015

Using Youtube to enhance learning

Reflection on using youtube to enable my students to learn/revise at their own pace at home and in class.

I started with the ratios videos.  The first time I showed a video one student  said (before even seeing the video) "Its 11 minutes long!".  I have read that 7 to 10 minutes is the ideal length before people lose interest.  So perhaps I could have made this into 2 videos but its one exam question, so to ensure continuity I kept it in one.  I am not sure whether my students just need to get used to this way of learning (after all they can pause and restart the video), or perhaps I  should try to shorten the videos I make from now on.
Another option is to use edpuzzle, this would allow me to insert AFLs during the video.

I used the free version of    http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ but the volume seemed to be low. I then upgraded to the pro version for only $15 per annum, the volume is louder and I can do basic editing eg Highlight sections and use a freehand tool. However, it takes some practice to write with the freehand tool.

I noticed that I said "that gives us" instead of that equals when doing calculations.

Students Feedback: They say the videos are helpful but some do not have internet access at home.

1. Tax question duration: (duration 6.27 mins)
Contains explanation of 1 question, then 3 questions for students to work on just showing them the final answer.
Spreadsheet with Tax Question solutions..

Youtube video

2. Ratios part 1 (duration 11.14 mins)
Contains explanation of how to do exam questions, includes theory and calculations.

Google presentations version

3. Ratios Part 2 (duration 11.33 mins)
Contains explanation of how to do exam questions, include theory and calculations.


Google presentations version

Break Even Point (duration 10.03 mins)
Contains explanation of how to do BEP analysis and draw a BEP chart.

Google Presentations

Creative Commons License
Break Even Point by Miriam Bergin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://youtu.be/72fYkkFOYh8.

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