25 November 2015

Our study hub...open access to ICT in our school

Our Study Hub evaluation:
We installed our study hub at the end of April, but it is only this academic year we see the impact it is having on our students. The study hub is located in the main assembly area which is always supervised at break/lunch time. Its primary aim is to encourage independent learning for both second level and PLC students. This open access study hub is primarily focused on equality, as 60% of our first and second year students have iPads, we are conscious of providing access to ICT to all students.
The key aims of the study hub
Enable students who do not have ICT access or iPads to do homework on PC and save to google drive.
This is slowly working, students must have a few days to do the homework. They also have ICT classes to complete work but we want to see the students working independently on the study hub.
2.Students using the study hub for extra curricular work and projects. This creates a learning environment whereby other students see work being done at the study hub.
To date students have used study hub to complete the Formula 1 project and the Student enterprise business plan.
3.The hub is used for learning support for PLC and second level support.
When classes are on, this area is quiet and spacious, students like working there. Some students may be on PCs while others can sit at nearby desks if necessary.
4.PLC students use the hub during free classes.
This is working well and while so many people seem to use the hub it is never over crowded as it is being used at different times. We have night classes, PLC students have access to the hub on those two nights.
Teachers also use the hub, mind you we would like a hub in the staff room!!
Overall, the study hub is a success, having read, write gold software and inspiration mindmaps for student use. I want to further develop the study hub so am thinking about how to do that....I welcome any suggestions in this regard.

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