3 April 2016

Scratch Assignment

Scratch Assignment:

This assignment will be assessed based on the following table:

Ref: Jose-Manuel S  aez-L  opez , Marcos Roman-Gonz  alez, Esteban V  azquez-Cano, Computers & Education, Vol:Computers & Education 97 (2016) 129e141, www.elsevier.com/locate/compedu accessed:3/4/2016

Create a game or interactive story include the following tasks:

Task 1a:To create a game in scratch, you need to think about the order of steps, this is the Sequence.

Task 1b: Use of Costumes

Task 2: Use forever loop. 
(Iteration: (looping) forever and repeat can be used for iteration. It is repeating a series of instructions)

Task 3: Use glide script for some movement.

Task4: Use Events block to write a script to move a sprite with arrows.

Task 5a: Draw shapes by using repeat and calculate how to draw different shapes. 

Task 5b: (Iteration) Click on link and do a screenshot when finished.     http://bit.ly/1V2rIdp

Task6: Include an IF statement. (Conditional statements - if and if else check for a condition)

Task 7: Include Music or make you own audio. eg. if it is a story.

Task 8: Use broadcast to send a message from one sprite to another or to the stage,
Click on link for an example:    http://bit.ly/1UNgE4m

Task 9: Conditional Statements: if else check for a condition. and keyboard input with the quiz.
To add a quiz: using broadcast, if else, sequence and variables.
Click here to see example of a quiz.  http://bit.ly/1MLOpA1

Task 10: Use the drawing feature by painting a new sprite or stage.
Example of drawings;   http://bit.ly/1RGtFqm

Task 11:To insert images from the internet without breaking copyright laws.
click here for example: http://bit.ly/1RVnl3A

Task 12: Use decisions, whereby clicking on one sprite can bring you somewhere else depending on which sprite you click.  Or click on a sprite to get to the next level.  

Task 13: Use the clone script, eg....

Task 13: Work in groups to evaluate and improve the game.

Here is a webmix of useful websites for coding

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