7 April 2016


I am gladly part taking in a Entels Project via H2 Learning and the following reflection is a prerequisite of this course.  To introduce myself, my name is Miriam Bergin, I am a Business/Accounting and ICT teacher in Coláiste Mhuire Co Ed, Thurles for 16 years, I worked in one other school for one year previous, so I guess whatever I know I learned in Thurles!.

1. The first app I will use is http://edu.symbaloo.com/ in ICT coding class.  
2.The second app I chose is mindmaps in Business studies class.

We are a pilot school for the coding specification and so I am interested in finding the best way to teach the computer theory to our first years.  

The following is a reflection on teaching binary numbers to a first-year mixed ability class.
The student handout includes 8 tasks related to binary numbers and five referenced links to useful websites. The latter could be used repeatedly to achieve other learning outcomes in strand 1 of the coding specification.  
I used this www image to draw attention to the website links but students did not use their own initiative to access the websites.

I think that Symbaloo may address this issue but I did not know of it at that time.  So I have created a coding webmix that I can share with students.  I can stimulate interest in the websites by creating a treasure hunt quiz to find information based on the specification and will encourage students to find good websites to add to our class coding webmix.  To hopefully give them a sense of ownership, additionally the webmix will serve as a revision tool.  The webmix includes 4 computer theory websites, one youtube clip and 2 computer coding websites.


1. Student handout with tasks on binary numbers: 

2. Answers to tasks:

3. My reflection (PP) on teaching binary numbers to first years..

(PPoint version)  http://bit.ly/1QlF0Pk 

I used mindmaps with 2nd year business as a means of summary and revision for my students.  I created the mindmaps as I want them to learn from me initially, what detail I  expect and in the next class I will ask them to make their own mindmap on another topic(either electronically or on paper).

Mindmap 1 -business documents

Mindmap 2 - Business Documents Keywords


The students liked learning from the mindmaps and I informed them, they needed to know this information for the quiz which followed.  The main drawback of the mindmaps is the font is too small and the students asked to increase this next time.  I also shared the mindmaps electronically but many students like to learn from paper.  So the size of the font is an issue.  If I print on A3 such sheets are more difficult to mind.

I assessed the mindmap with a Kahoot quiz which they loved.

Students used their ipads and I booked ipads for those that needed them. (60% have ipads)  They loved this quiz, only problem was wifi strength as some questions had a time delay, so I think next time I will go to the computer room when using Kahoot but this requires more planning.

Finally, I used Prezi, but did not share this with my class as I think I have too much content on it.  I may use it in the future as I can see its' potential.



  1. Hi Miriam,

    Thank you for trying out some of the tools from the ENTELS project. A Symbaloo is a great idea for directing students to online content for their coding course. It is also something you can share with other teachers in time if you like.

    Apps like Kahoot are really great but can cause some be slow if many students are on the network at once. You could always ask students to submit answers in groups so that you don't need as many devices and take some of the load off the bandwidth.

    Did you know you can embed content such as your Symbaloo or your Prezi into your Blogger blog? Check out the recording of the third webinar to see how to do this.




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