24 May 2016

Reflection on Lesson plan - Entrepreneurial Skills and characteristics

As part of the ENTELS pilot, my task is to use group work, co-operative learning and/or differentiation.  I have tested this lesson plan with my 5th year business studies class.

THe following lesson plan focuses on group work and the reflection is included...

My reflection: students worked well in groups but needed to be trained and clearly given rolls.
Incorporating ICT is a challenge as students lacked skills and we learned as we progressed.  Students were engaged and liked  the discovery learning aspect.  They had a sense of autonomy on how they covered this topic.  The learning outcomes were Entrepreneurial Skills and Characteristic, they achieved this in a meaningful way.

Learning Story Name: My New Business/Product
Age range of students: 15-16
Number of students in my class: 20
Subject: Business (M. Bergin)
Brief background on your school and classroom:
My school is a secondary DEIS school located in Thurles a small town in County Tipperary, Ireland.   The school has 320 students, just over half our students are aged between 13-17 and remainder are Adults doing PLC courses. (Post Leaving Certificate) students are not allowed smart phones during school time. I share a class room but have access to a computer room and can book use of mini ipads. While the business curriculum is still very content heavy, there are ongoing discussions of shifting the focus from content to skills.  
Key challenges, trends impacting your work at the school and how they link to the Learning Story:
Students have limited ICT skills.
Duration (could range from a couple of minutes to a couple of lessons)
2 lessons (1 hour 10 minutes)
Homework: 20 minutes
2 Lessons (1 Hour 10 minutes)
1 class
Learning Activity
Ask and Collaborate
Goals (learning objectives, try to match them to your curriculum and 21st Century Skills)
To learn about Entrepreneurs
To develop communication skills
To develop planning skills
To develop collaborative skills
To develop research skills
To develop critical evaluation skills
To reflect on their own design
To develop media production skills
To develop information organization skills
To develop collaboration (feedback) skills
To highlight positive use of digital media
To develop editing skills

To effectively use feedback and criticism to improve their work
To learn about the process of television production
To engage with real-world professionals
To understand copyright and other online production requirements
To develop communication (feedback) skills
To engage with a real-world audience
To reflect on their own learning
Description of each learning activity in the context of the learning story
I am a business studies and ICT teacher, I am challenging my students to create engaging short video stories about Entrepreneurs.
I will give them the design brief (following the syllabus) and suggest they think of their peers and Leaving cert students as the target audience

We used  google sites  to collaborate information.
Students will work in Pairs or groups of 3 with each person have an individual role but also having an interdependency for overall achievement of the task.

I told students one person is the pilot and the other the co-pilot, so one person typed while the other provided information and they rotated these roles.  Look up youtube for videos on Entrepreneurs.
Task: Research 3 entrepreneurs and choose one to research in more detail. 
Research 1 entrepreneur and Paste relevant information into the google sites so all students can see information being gathered.

We created a summary of the entrepreneurs each group  researched using padlet.

Flipped Classroom-  (Homework)
Read page 43 Enterprise Characteristics and Enterprise Skills Page 44.  Discussion tomorrow.


Students were given Tasks to do while planning this I was following Learning Design Rubrics
and an activity sheet

Students created revision notes and mindmaps of Enterprise Skills and Enterprise Characteristics using the google drive.

Peer Assessment:
They shared these notes with other students, we read through them and students were told to add to the notes if they could improve them.  As this is a  shared document if a student add to the document, all students will have the update.

Decide on one entrepreneur to study in more detail, Create a form (using sticky moose) asking all students to vote for one entrepreneur to research.

One group typed up the questions for Mr Stapletons interview.

.The students start their video production by using Pauls mobile to record the interview with Mr Stapleton.

To edit their stories, they are using free software.
Students use google docs to type up questions to ask a local entrepreneur. 

We decide to interview the PE teacher Mr Stapleton, who plays on the Tipp team and runs summer camps.

Students were allowed BYOD and Paul recorded the interview, Tobias typed up the questions & shared.
Milena interviewed Mr Stapleton.

The students upload their video stories to an online video sharing platform, such as YouTube.

We ask our students to go into junior business classes and show the video and teach them about Entrepreneurs

On the open night for our school when potential students visit, we would ask some groups to present their work to parents and new students..

I am using the accumulation of comments, , their documentation as well as the feedback I recorded throughout the Learning Story to assess their work. We discuss my assessment in the following lesson. Throughout the discussion, students get the chance to argue for or against my assessment.
Digital technologies and tools
Google Sites, Internet, Gmail to share information. Youtube
Future Classroom Handout
Youtube, Paddlet, google sites
Other resources
Google drive, Mindmeister,
 flip-cams, tablets, Movie Maker, Youtube Editor, Vimeo,
Pauls smart phone, google drive/docs
Youtube, google apps for education. Windows media player


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